What is the difference between Rope Shovel and Hydraulic Shovel?

The shovel is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the mining industry. But people often confused during the selection between rope shovel and hydraulic shovel. So in this article, we will tell you about the difference between rope shovel and hydraulic shovel. So you can understand which shovel can be more useful for you.

But, Wait before we moving on to the actual difference between the rope shovel and hydraulic shovel, we will tell you what are some parameters that consider while selecting any kind of shovel. Here are some major points.

17 points to consider while selecting a shovel for the mining industry. 

  1. What kind of material do you want to extract. 
  2. What is your working cycle time?
  3. Are you have enough budget for the maintenance of the shovel?
  4. What is the swell factor?
  5. What is your daily production requirement for your company?
  6. What should be the capacity of the hauling equipment?
  7. How many numbers of faces do you really want to work on during production?
  8. Is a power supply available for the electric shovel?
  9. What is the actual gradient of the working face?
  10. Is the capital cost of the equipment is fitting in your budget?
  11. Are the spare parts easily available in the market for your selected shovel?
  12. Is the construction company providing a better facility after selling the equipment?
  13. What are the drainage conditions of the working area?
  14. What is the weight and the maximum lump size of the material to be excavated?
  15. What are the nature and the depth of the working area?
  16. Is climatic condition is in your favor while working?
  17. What are the height of the bench and the cut of the bench?

What is the importance of shovel in the Mining Industry?

  • It can handle all types of material, from smooth materials to bulky ones. A shovel can be utilized anywhere. 
  • The cost of the shovel is usually very high but it can be very productive for long time mining production planning. Many mining companies are moving towards the use of shovels for the enhancement of production.
  • It can be very useful when the operating condition is very rigid. With the help of a shovel, one can easily achieve planned production capacity. 
  • It can give the highest production rate compared to the other similar kind of mining equioments.
  • The power shove is very flexible in its operation. 

The major difference between Rope Shovel and Hydraulic Shovel


Characteristics Rope ShovelHydraulic Shovel
Resale ValueThe resale value of the rope shovel is usually very poor.The resale value of the hydraulic shovel is quite good when we compare it with the rope shovel.
Working CapacityA rope shovel has usually a high working capacity. The electric shovel has not high working capacity compare to the rope shovel.
PerformanceA rope shovel generally has a high working capacity in the tough and abrasive rock. It can be useful in any condition.Hydraulic rock shovel doesn’t have the high-performance capacity in tough and abrasive rock compared to rope shovel.
Space required Generally, a rope shovel needs a high amount of space for working exposure. This shovel needs less working space.
Power UtilizationPower utilization is comparatively low in this type of shovel.Power utilization is comparatively high in this type of shovel.
Steering MovementSteering movement is quite difficult for this shovel as it requires huge space for operating.Steering movement is quite easy as it requires less space for operating.
Maintenance costThe maintenance cost for the rope shovel is usually very high.The maintenance cost for the electrical types of the shovel is quite cheaper than rope shovel.
Degree Maintenance Cost The degree maintenance cost of hydraulic types of equipment is comparatively low. The degree maintenance cost of hydraulic types of equipment is comparatively high.
Resistance CapacityIt has a high resistance capacity in tough and abrasive conditions. It has a low resistance capacity in tough and abrasive conditions.
Effect of Environmental conditionThis kind of shovel is usually very effective in any kind of environmental condition. This kind of shovel is not so good in polluted environmental conditions.
Penetration capacity One can achieve a high amount of penetration with the help of a rope shovel.The penetration capacity is usually low when comparing it with rope kind of shovel.
Fuel used Generally, there are two kinds of shovel come under this category.
1. Diesel Shovel &
2. Electricity driven
This kind of shovel is generally run by a diesel engine or electric motor.
Operation timeThis shovel’s operation is very jerky and usually, cycle time is very high. Hydraulic shovel’s operation is generally very smooth and the operation time is really very less.
Boom Angle change Boom angle cannot be changed easily.Boom angle can be changed easily during the excavating operation.
Used as BackhoeIt can be used as a backhoeIt cannot be used as a backhoe
Difference between rope shovel and electric shovel.

Final words on Difference between Rope Shovel and Electric shovel.

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