November 28, 2020

Facts you would like to know about the largest coal mine of India.

Mining is an actually wide topic that is less discussed in India. Today we will discuss the largest coal mine of India.

Gevra opencast coal mine situated in Korba district of Chhattisgarh is considered as the largest coal mine of India in terms of area and production capacity.

– Apparently Gevra coal mine is also the largest coal mine of Asia and the second largest coal mine of the world.

– Gevra coal mine actually started its operation in 1981.

Top view of the India's largest coal mine

View of India’s largest coal mine.

Mine Name : Gevra opencast Coal mine.

Surface Area : 20 Square Kilometre.

Parent Company : Coal In South Eastern Coalfields Limited Parent Company : Coal India

Location :Korba , Chhattisgrah

Production Capacity : 41 Million Tonnes/ Year Expansion planned : 70 Million Tonnes/ Year

Coal type: Thermal Coal ( Semi Bituminuos)

– Currently, a subsidiary of the Coal India SECL (South Eastern coalfields limited) is operating coal mines of the Gevra.

-Gevra mine is a source of the single largest source of power grade coal in India containing more than 10000 million tonnes of reserves that alone can meet the country’s coal needs more than a decade.

-The company is proposed to expand the production to 50 million tonnes of coal per year.

-Since the production has begun in 1981, approx 400 million tonnes of coal have been shoveled out by the SECL.

-Gevra coal mine has produced 1,00,000 tonnes of coal, which is the highest quantity of coal ever produced by any mine or coalfield in India on a single day.

Some interesting facts about the largest coal mine of India

– Gevra coal mine is mostly using surface miner to cut the coal so it is reducing the activities for the drilling and blasting in mine which is helpful to reduce the dust pollution.

– Perhaps SECL is operating Gevra coal mine and they awarded the contract to private companies like Sainik Mining, Narayani Mining, and BGR mining for the removal of overburden and coal production.

– Haryana based company Sainik Mining is a single successful company that actually working in India’s largest coal mine. However, Gujarat’s Sadbhav Engineering Limited has also grabbed its first project in Chhattisgarh and it has a potential to become the biggest competitor for the Sainik Mining.

– Produced coal has been supplied to the National Thermal Power Plant (NTPC) which is the largest electricity producer of India.

India’s largest coal mine is seducing the 11% of total coal needs of the country.

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