December 5, 2020

Mining Engineering: All you looking for in 2020.

Welcome to the mining world. Are you searching What is mining engineering? Okay, let me clear your query with this article.

What is Mining Engineering?

Mining engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the extraction of the mineral from the earth for the benefit of mankind.

The extraction of the mineral usually done on underneath,above or under the ground.

Mining engineering is usually associated with the other branches of engineering like metallurgy engineering, mineral processing engineering, geology, Geotechnical engineering, and Surveying.

Mining Engineering: All you looking for in 2020.

Mining operations usually include operations like exploration and discovery, development, production, and marketing of the mineral for the sale.

Mining activities usually causes the pollution in the environment and disturb the balances of the environment.

The extraction and production of the mineral is a need of any country’s economy. So mining is the process when mineral is actually excavated and processes to gain the better economical value.

Mining Engineering scope in India

Mining engineering is one of the most highly paid engineering branches in India. The salary rate in mining engineering is high as compared to the other branch of engineering.

Like if a normal engineer earns 15000 per month in the initial year of the career then the mining guy can earn up to 30k at the starting of the career.

Following are the top mining companies in Indian which hires the mining engineers to work on the different projects on various location. The coal India is one of the top most company for the employment in Mining sector in India.

1. Coal India
2. Geological Survey of India
3. Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India
4. Hindalco
5. Vedanta Group of Companies
8. National Thermal Power Plant (NTPC)
9. Adani Mining
10. Indian Bereau of Mines
11. Vedanta Group of Companies
Top mining companies in India who hires mining engineers for the jobs.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the mining engineering and its scope in India.

Which type of people can join Mining Engineering?

  • The people who don’t like working in the same cabin infront of the same desktop then this the one of the best branch.
  • When you are mining engineer people who work in different sectors like electrical, mechanical, and other sectors has to obey your orders. This thing is cool when you really want to dominant everyone in your structure.
  • Once you reach on a higher position in the company like a mining manager or General manager then you can easily earn in lakhs and also people will work on your instructions. These things personally admire me the most.
  • This industry gives employment to many other industry people like mechanical, electrical, etc. If you really want to connect with more people then mining engineering can become most efficient for you.

Mining is adventurous.If you really want to do something adventurous in your life then mining is for you.

If you have any queries please feel free to ask about the relevant things in comment section. Your opinion means a lot to us.

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