December 5, 2020

What is physical Geology and Which topics are covered in it?

Physical geology is one of the most important branches of geology. People often search about it and want to do some research on it. In this article, we will try to cover what is physical geology and which topics are usually covered in it.

It is the branch of geology that deals with geologic events and materials occurring at the present time, or in the very near past. This is in contrast to historical geology, which involves studying the fossil record and rock record for evidence of past geologic processes, materials, and life forms.

What is Physical Geology?

Physical geology generally deals with the physical properties of the earth, how they are formed, the surrounding environment, and the factors affecting them. Complex Internal processes like Plate Tectonics and mountain building and earthquakes etc are studied in this part of the geology. The role played by the internal and external agents on the physical feature of the earth makes major areas of study in the physical geology.

This branch takes into consideration the various surface features of the earth and also the internal structure of the earth has been studied wisely and carefully in order to gather more and more information about the inner structure of the earth. It is more concerned with the work of the natural processes which bring about the changes upon the surface of the earth.

Physical Geology

It is slightly different from the historical geology as it studies of the current ongoing processes like an earthquake, glacier erosion, and the volcanoes. It is one of the topmost parts of the physical science of the earth and it has a high value in the context of the geological prospects. The external process like Earthquake, Groundwater, and weathering also has been studying under this branch of geology.

Apart from all these it also covers the study of the types of rock ( Igneous rock, Sedimentary rock, and Metamorphic rock) also their formation and the effects of this rock on the surface of the earth. It is one of the most important and the major branches of the geology that is very useful to geology and mining students for the relative information about the crust of the earth and many more. Similarly, the disposition of the water bodies, rock bodies, and huge moving deposits of the ice on the surface and their structures also form important subjects of physical geology.

Topics cover Under the Physical Geology

After studying the physical geology your doubts of following points will be eliminated.

1) Theory of plate tectonics

2) Difference between evidence and the theory of the earth’s structure.

3) Geological history of our planet

4) Earthquakes and why it is happens.

5) Volcanoes and why it erupts?

6) Climate change of the surrounding of the earth.

7) physical properties of the earth, Composition and structure of those parts.

8) External and Internal forces working on earth surface.

9) Study of the ground water, streams and sea.

10) weathering process.

Importance of Studying Physical Geology

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