December 5, 2020

Things you would like to know about the world’s biggest coal mine.

Coal has been a prominent source of power generation from over the years and widely used in power generation and electricity supply in industries. All know coal has been produced from the coal mines, had you ever get a question What is the biggest coal mine in the world. Okay if you really want to know then this article is really going to help you.

Which is biggest coal mine of the world and where it is located?

– In terms of reserves and production, the North Antelope Rochelle mine which is located in the United States and operated by the Peabody in Wyoming is the world’s largest coal mine. It is producing 120 million tons of coal per year. The mine is estimated to contain more than 2.3 billion tonnes of recoverable coal.

– World’s largest coal mine was actually divided into two parts previously. Part 1 North Antelope was opened in 1983 & the 2nd part Rochelle was opened in 1985. However then after both mines combined into a single operation in 1999 for the betterment of production.

This image is showing the view of the largest coal mine of the world.

Overview of largest coal mine of the world.

Some basic information about biggest coal mine.

Mine Name : Antelope & Rochelle

Country : United States

State : Wyoming

River Basin : Wyoming river basin

Products : Coal

When started? : 1981

Company Operating Mine : Peabody Energy

Operational Method : Surface / Opencast Mining


How operation is carried out in mine?

Generally, the operation is carried out by the surface mining technology method in the world’s biggest coal mine. The coal recovered from this mine is of sedimentary type. Coal produced from this mine has only 0.2% of sulfur which makes the cleanest coal. World’s largest coal mine is a surface mine with very thick coal seam. The coal is very low in sulfur and ash, but high in moisture – Which reduces the heat content.

world’s largest coal mine is using draglines and trucks for removal of overburden and lots of people were getting employment in this sector, however advanced technology in this field has reduced the rate of employment in this mine.

After the removal of overburden, the coal is mined out in 3 layer system and then transferred to power plants through rail wagons. Daily 4000 wagons have been filled with coal and supplied to the power plants. The produced coal is supplied to the 80 electricity generation power plant across the country.

Some Unknown facts

This mine is believed to produce the cleanest coal in US

The mine is estimated to contain more than 2.3 billions tonnes of recoverable coal.

In 2012 this mine won an award for the best reclamation system in order to increase the life of the mine.

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