What is a Mobile Crusher?

A mobile crusher is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the mining industry. Many mining and geology students are not aware of this equipment and they keep asking us about what is mobile crusher? In this article, we will try to give all the possible information about the mobile crusher and its working procedure.

What is a mobile crusher?

In simple terms we can define a mobile crusher is as equipment that is generally wheel mounted or chain mounted which is driven through an electrical power which is generally used for crushing in the opencast mining technology.

Its working procedure is really very simple. Generally, this crusher receives the material from the shovel and then this equipment crushes the oversize material to the desired size. Then the desired size of the crushed material is transported with the help of the belt conveyor to the desired place. Hence it has a really very simple operational procedure.

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What is a mobile crusher used for?

Mobile crushers are really important in the opencast mining method when it has especially done for the hard rock. As we all know that mining industry is really utilizing all the latest technology for the working operation. Hence the use of mobile crushers are also increasing day by day.

Opencast mining is deepening day by day and the operation with the help of underground mining is decreasing day by day due to unsafe working conditions. So, the Opencast mining method needed the latest technological pieces of machinery for the smooth operational procedure.

The transportation of oversized material always remains a big question mark for the mining industry for ages. So the concept of mobile crusher actually came to mind of many mining engineers as they want to crush the material at the nearest part of an extraction. So that they can transport it easily.

What is the operational procedure of the mobile crusher?

The raw material is actually charged in the hopper and eventually it is transferred into the crusher when the crushing procedure is done inadequate size with the help of vibration caused by the grizzly feeder. Then the material is actually transferred to the desired point with the help of the belt conveyor.

Sand, earth materials, and the pebbles are actually get separated with the help of the grizzly bars and dropped into the belt conveyors after passing through the sliding chute.

If the reinforcement materials are mixed with the original mining material then they can be separated by the machine body with the help of the magnetic separator.

As we have seen that generally what happens is the primary crushing is done near the place of the extraction and then the crushed material is actually transferred to the actual crushing station where the secondary crushing is done for the adequate size. This is one the most suitable for the mineral processing technique. Many mining scientists believe that this method is quite helpful for the cost reduction of the mining operations.

This technique was generally started in the mining industry of Europe and then after this became quite popular. Then it actually spread into North America’s mining operations and then after in the worldwide opencast mining operational procedure. Reduction in the mining operational cost is the main objective of using the mobile crusher.

Krupp and O.K who actually belongs from Germany first developed such kinds of mobile crushers for the opencast mining industry. Eventually, this machinery working operation is quite successful as it was working easily for the 60 m wide and the 700m long coal strip. This was one of the biggest evaluations in the opencast mining industry.

What are the advantages of the mobile crusher?

  • Mobile crushers can be to achieve a higher amount of production rate in the mining industry.

  • One can easily decrease the cost of the mining operation with the help of a mobile crusher.

  • The operational procedure is quite simple.

  • The transportation of material can be done from one point to another point with ease.

Final words on What is a mobile crusher?

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